March 29th, 2008

sga talk by monanotlisa

Discussion of Life and Ring of Fire

This post begins our discussion of Life (Sometimes it Washes Over Me) by kyuuketsukirui (which is John/Rodney, Adult, and 5800 words) and its sequel Ring of Fire (Nails Driven Through the Steel) by busaikko (which is also John/Rodney, Adult, and 5700 words). Yes, I know this post comes a couple days early, but I am unexpectedly all on my lonesome this weekend and in a much better position to host a discussion than on Monday when I must work until 9:00 pm.

In addition to a discussion of the stories and how they interact with each other, I think these selections are also an excellent opportunity to examine the following:

1. The AU in general and how it functions in fandom
2. Collaboration
3. Extra-canonical sources of inspiration
4. Eleventy million things that are not occuring to me just now :)

Remember, authors, to let your flists know we're talking about you and let's have an excellent convo, comm.