March 13th, 2009

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March 15 Het Discussion

Poll #1364877 March 15 Het Discussion
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Which would you most like to read for our March 15 het discussion?

First contact by Liviapenn
The infinite in the finite of every instant by Liviapenn
Seedlings by Liviapenn
Strange Loop by Liviapenn
Separate Salt from Sand by Rachael sabotini ( wickedwords)
Fire At Midnight by Tielan

Our polls will now include a write-in option for the authors who have given us carte blanche to discuss their work (synecdochic, leesa_perrie, cupidsbow, kriadydragon, and mrshamill). Remember write-in stories for this poll must be HET and they must receive a majority to "win." You might want to check the poll results before you vote.

Please remember to visit the Reading Masterlist for more information on and links to these stories.

Remember also that our discussion of "Maybe Oracle" is ongoing HERE.


lunabee34 says: I find this fascinating. For some characters, my personal version of them is very set in stone. There are certain things about them that are important to me that must be present in order for me to recognize that character. And other characters (most characters, actually) are much more fluid for me. I can envision a variety of permutations for them. Teyla is one of those characters for me. She is very beautiful, very graceful, very sensuous. I can see her reveling in her femininity, reveling in being a woman. But I find equally plausible the version of her spike21 gives us here. After all, canonically Teyla is single for most of the series and when she does become a mother, it is accidental. I think she rises to the occasion and embraces motherhood wholeheartedly, but I don't think she planned to become a mom. Canonically she doesn't cook well. Yes, I very much buy this version of Teyla.

kyuuketsukirui says: While I liked seeing a female to male switch for once, I didn't like that it was just as full of stereotypes as most other genderswap (how I hate that term, but idk how else to call it). The go, go, go thing seems particularly odd, as there is certainly no lack of lazy men out there. But I'm also not fond of the old "all men want/think about is sex" thing. When genderswap is nothing but a way to list out all the male or female stereotypes the author can think of, it's really not at all interesting to me. I find much more interesting the bits about how people listen to her now because she's male, etc. How people react to men vs. women is something interesting to be explored.