July 2nd, 2009

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July het discussion

Poll #1424133 July het discussion?
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Which would you most like to read for our July het discussion?

First Contact, by Liviapenn
The infinite in the finite of every instant, by Liviapenn
Seedlings, by Liviapenn
Separate Salt from Sand by Rachael Sabotini
Fire At Midnight by tielan
Right Where I Want You by kyuuketsukirui

Our polls will now include a write-in option for the authors who have given us carte blanche to discuss their stories (synecdochic, sabinelagrande, kriadydragon, cupidsbow, leesa_perrie, and mrshamill). Remember write-in stories for this poll must be HET and they must receive a majority to "win." You might want to check the poll results before you vote.

Please remember to visit the Reading Masterlist for more information on and links to these stories.

Remember also that our discussion of "Year of Jubilee" is ongoing HERE.


perspi says: It made me wonder, though--if John had been bought by someone else, like Teyla, how might it have gone? I think part of what made it so compelling was that Ronon was so reluctant to touch John back--that Ronon was and had been removed enough from human company that he didn't want to, even though he saw how much it helped John. (Because there were points in the story where I was all, "Ronon! Just touch him a little, already! It'll make it easier on everyone in the long run!")

lyrstzha says: It's quite interesting to see the whole slavery trope approached from a gen angle rather than a sexual one, too. Not that I have anything against those more pairing-inclined stories, mind you, but this story makes for an intriguing change from the expected. Instead of the situation being presented as a bit sexy, it is instead shown in a grittier, much less palatable light. I like the way that the shock, horror, and humiliation of having one's will totally taken away is not downplayed here, because that made the whole situation more real and more affecting for me, and suited the dynamics of the story very well, in my opinion.