August 14th, 2009

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August 15 slash discussion

Poll #1443689 August 15 slash discussion
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Which would you most like to read for our August 15 slash discussion?

A Not So Modest Proposal, by reccea
Iteration, by kitt
At the Violet Hour, by linaerys
Failsafe, by ana_grrl
Day In, Day Out, by ana_grrl
It's What You Hear (The Five Senses Remix), by argosy
Instantaneous, by cimness
When I'm 64, by Nymphaea1

Our polls will now include a write-in option for the authors who have given us carte blanche to discuss their stories, and whose work we have not previously discussed (synecdochic and mrshamill). Remember write-in stories for this poll must be SLASH and they must receive a majority to "win." You might want to check the poll results before you vote.

Please remember to visit the Reading Masterlist for more information on and links to these stories.

Remember also that our very much neglected discussion of "Caught" is ongoing HERE. Please to help me out with that, people.


lyrstzha says: The last thing I want to say about this story is that I love the way it is entirely in female voices. Don't get me wrong, I love our male characters. But I think it's good to center some stories on the women, as this happens all too infrequently in canon. Even aside from the femslash aspect, which I would naturally expect to shift the story's focus to female characters, I found it very striking that this story does just that. If you notice, though the male characters are present in spirit, none of them actually get any lines or appear in person. The women talk about them, and report what they say or what they're up to, and the way this is done is affectionate rather than dismissive. This gives me the sense that the male characters are loved, but simply not up for their turn in the spotlight this time around. I like that feeling, that balance.