October 15th, 2009

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October het discussion

Poll #1471486 October het discussion
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Which would you most like to read for our October het discussion?

First Contact, by Liviapenn
The infinite in the finite of every instant, by Liviapenn
Seedlings, by Liviapenn
Separate Salt from Sand by wickedwords
Fire At Midnight, by tielan

Our polls will now include a write-in option for the authors who have given us carte blanche to discuss their stories (synecdochic, leesa_perrie, cupidsbow, kriadydragon, sabinelagrande, and mrshamill). Remember write-in stories for this poll must be HET and they must receive a majority to "win." You might want to check the poll results before you vote.

Please remember to visit the Reading Masterlist for more information on and links to these stories.