December 29th, 2009

sga talk by monanotlisa

Permanent Hiatus

I make this post to permanently close sga_talk due to waning interest and participation by the comm's members.

We had three good years, y'all, of conversation and criticism, of making new friends, of finding new stories that were sometimes outside our comfort zones--and for that I thank you. I thank you for never making this comm a site of wank although the subject matter could very easily lead to wank and hurt feelings. I thank you for making such insightful comments about characterization and the writing process and the source material. I thank you for making me think about the stories we write and how and why we write them. Thank you for writing these stories, for giving us something to talk about in the first place.

Thanks to lyrstzha for being the best co-mod a gal could hope for and for the all the hard work she put into wrangling conversations. Thanks to beadattitude for stepping in this last year and running the comm when Lyr and I were unable. Beautiful job! Thanks also to zillah975 for the staggering amount of work she did putting together a masterlist of discussed fics.

The comm will never be deleted so that our conversations are preserved.

Again, thank you for making this comm match my vision for it. I'm a little sad that our success was so shortlived but ultimately, very grateful that we accomplished so much.