Lorraine (lunabee34) wrote in sga_talk,

Discussion of Life and Ring of Fire

This post begins our discussion of Life (Sometimes it Washes Over Me) by kyuuketsukirui (which is John/Rodney, Adult, and 5800 words) and its sequel Ring of Fire (Nails Driven Through the Steel) by busaikko (which is also John/Rodney, Adult, and 5700 words). Yes, I know this post comes a couple days early, but I am unexpectedly all on my lonesome this weekend and in a much better position to host a discussion than on Monday when I must work until 9:00 pm.

In addition to a discussion of the stories and how they interact with each other, I think these selections are also an excellent opportunity to examine the following:

1. The AU in general and how it functions in fandom
2. Collaboration
3. Extra-canonical sources of inspiration
4. Eleventy million things that are not occuring to me just now :)

Remember, authors, to let your flists know we're talking about you and let's have an excellent convo, comm.
Tags: au, author: busaikko, author: kyuuketsukirui, gender exploration, john sheppard, john/rodney, m/m slash, mcshep, remix, rodney mckay

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