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stargate atlantis fanfic discussions
Welcome to sga_talk from your moderators, lunabee34, beadattitude, and lyrstzha. This community is devoted to the discussion of Stargate Atlantis (SGA) fanfiction. We will be reading m/m and f/f slash fiction, het fiction, and gen fiction and will ensure that each of these genres is adequately represented within the community. sga_talk is modeled after the traditional book club; we will all read the same piece of fanfiction and then come together afterwards to discuss the work. This community is for everyone. We believe that each reader has something interesting and important to say, regardless of his or her relationship to academia, so do not hesitate to participate if you’re not up on the latest academic theory or lingo. Be sure to visit our Welcome Post for further information on how the community works.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach the moderators at either of their livejournals or through the email listed on this page.


1. No flaming. Analysis, critique, and criticism do not preclude civility.
2. Some of the material we read in this community is not suitable for minors. Please do not join this community if you are a minor.
3. Have fun!